Smart Logistics

In Smart Logistics we want that our clients focus on their operations, leaving in our hands their material handling and other activities, reducing business OPEX (rents, salaries, software, machinery, etc.) and transforming the fixed-costs into variable-costs, improving the capability of adaptation due constant changes inherent to industry and commerce.


Freight and Transportation

Quality and Engineering

Warehousing and Distribution

Foreign Trade

Quality Policy

In Smart Logistics, we are committed to guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients by providing specialized and personalized logistics services, meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, complying with legal and other requirements applicable to our sector, through the management of resources to the achievement of the objectives and the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.

General Manager


Let us solve your problem

Lack of warehouse area

Seasonality operations

(Over stocks)

Companies with non or limited presence in the area.

Recurrent and high freight costs

Lack of warehouse personnel

None or deficient inventory controls

High fixed costs

Lack of a secure warehouse

Incorporate or increase

a warehouse area to the businesses

No costs incurred

when seasonality arises


to increase/start operations in the region with a warehousing involved;

Reduce freights costs

/ Consolidated loads

No Labor liabilities

and responsibilities involved


control (W.M.S.)


Security - C.C.T.V.

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About Us

We seek to solve the various problems of the industry and we adapt to each particular need. Smart Logistics belongs to an industrial group with more than 70 years providing high-added value solutions.


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